Welcome to GT’s career page! We are excited to hear from you and are always keen to welcome professionals who are looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to apply their analytical skills to a wide range of business problems. As a member of the GT team, you will work with clients who are delivering state of the art solutions in some of the world’s fastest growing sectors such energy, healthcare, insurance and financial services. We constantly challenge our teams to find innovative solutions to our client’s complex requirements and encourage our team members to think outside the box.

Work Culture @ GT

Career Development & Training

We will regularly engage our team members in customized training programs that covers a range topics and allows them to develop cross functional expertise. Members can develop a global perspective by engaging on projects that span multiple geographies and industry verticals. This creates a unique opportunity to grow and develop with the firm.

Ownership & Responsibility

Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of multiple projects and constructively engage with the client and senior team members on project deliverables. We offer our team an opportunity to truly take responsibility for their work and offer a close feedback loop that can help members refine their approach and become independent thinkers. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for vibrant exchange of ideas while delivering outstanding results for our clients.

Fast growing and dynamic work environment

GT is poised for significant growth in the coming years and welcomes team members who are ambitious and ready to grow within a dynamic work environment. We will strive to offer an environment where we encourage team members to accept new challenges and define KPIs that focus on swift delivery and superior customer service.

Career Opportunities

Financial Analyst
Joining From: August 2018
Marketing Analyst
Joining From: August 2018